Ruby on Rails Development
Ruby on Rails is an ideal framework to deliver rapid prototypes for startups and advance web solutions for mature businesses

Let’s Get You Started

Custom ROR Web Apps

Offering Rails based end to end customised solutions for cost effective and time stringent projects is our forte. Rails frameworks allow us to develop advanced web applications for all businesses, alike. We build highly interactive user interface to ensure your end product has great user experience and is fully compatible across multiple platforms.

MVP Development

With Rails plethora of frameworks and precision codes, we develop prototypes based on your minimum requirements, while keeping the bigger picture in sight. These MVPs significantly reduce the market launch time and enable maximum return on investment with little to no risk.

Rescue Missions

Have you already spent a lot of time and money on your idea/product, but are still nowhere near the desired end result? Well, worry no more, we are more than willing and capable of delivering appropriate results in no time, easily taking off from where your last development team left.

Support and Maintenance

Let us take the hassles of maintaining your Rails system off your plate. Rails highly dynamic gems make it less cumbersome and costly to provide 24/7 support for all its series’ security, fixes and new features.

Entertaining All Business Types

No matter the size and industry your business is operating in, we are here to provide best Ruby on Rails solutions for all types and form.


Ruby on Rails is a lifestyle for the startup culture as it’s full stack development infrastructure and gems make the release of your minimal viable product into beta quick, easy and cheap.
  • 30-40% Faster
  • Highly Scalable
  • Comparatively Cheaper

Mature Business

We use Ruby on Rails to write concise and specific programing codes for your highly confidential business transactions and day to day enterprise systems without compromising Rails rich security gems.
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Impeccable Operations
  • Consistency

Our Expertise Lies In Both

Consumer Apps & Portals

Whether you want to build consumer loyalty/trust, increase sales or simply create brand awareness, our Rails run consumer apps are your one stop solution.

Business Apps & Portals

No matter the size of your company we enable you to run secure business transactions and fully integrate your automated systems in no time while staying well within budget.

Business Integrations
We at GigaLabs help your business by executing high performance and secure custom 3rd party APIs, ranging from social networks, payment methods to business tools and more.

Custom API Development

Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a large corporation, we develop and implement custom Rails APIs to accelerate your businesses functional endpoints in no time. We use Active Model Serializer to fully customize the JSON output for better testing; and JBuilder templates for more multiplex rundowns.

3rd Party Integration

Our team of experts are fully capable of leveraging Ruby on Rails for the integration of all 3rd party APIs (Facebook, LinkedIn, Stripe, Braintree etc) in your systems. For your application to haveabsolute performance and rapid results, we exclude external API calls from the main response flows of 3rd party integrations.

Backend on Rails

Our highly experienced developers build custom Rails based backends for your web applications and services, backed by MySQL or MongoDB databases. These backend Rails framework allow for seamless integration with the front end (be it web or mobile), enabling faster implementation of your high quality product.
Whatever Your Technology Needs Ruby on Rails Can Address It
Being one of the most dynamic development architecture, Ruby on Rails has a lot to offer. It satisfies all your business needs, while providing the following to top it all.

Greater Productivity

It’s highly defined and pre-set configurations and gems allow for hassle free and swift development.


Its ORM Activerecord also makes query writing and database management much easier.


Ruby on Rails server architecture is super scalable when braced with Capistrano and Chef, allowing it to handle more requests per minute.

Load Resistance

Depending on the size of your applications, we utilize ROR monolithic architecture for relatively small applications and Memcached and MySQL for the much larger ones.

Come on Board with our Dedicated Ruby on Rails Teams

Test before you hire

Dedicated product manager

An extension to your business

Highly competent engineers

Off-site support for in-house team

Flexible resource planning

Below are a few reasons on what differentiates us from other companies.

Complete Transparency

Using a combination of various communication and project management tools

Immediate Start

We can get into action as soon as you’re ready to start work.

Specialized Experts

We compose teams based on your specific requirements.

Available 24/7

Reach out to us anytime through email, whatsapp, phone or skype.

Commitment to Deadlines

We ensure that we stick to our commitments and timelines

You own your Intellectual Property

All work is done under standard “Work for Hire” agreements.

Fast Development Cycles

We have an amazing in-house library of technical resources which we leverage during development. This saves both time & money.

After Launch Support

Product development is an ongoing process and we ensure that we address any bugs or issues that come up 30 days after we go live.

Timezone Overlaps

We make ourselves available and work according to your time-zone.

Looking to Start a Project?

Tell us your needs and we’ll set you up with the best talent and a proven development process to build your product.