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World’s top-notch brands have turned to GigaLabs to help them with their Node.js development needs
Node.js is not just any other development platform, rather it’s more of a robust, fast and scalable development architecture for both web and mobile applications. It is specifically designed for data-centric and real-time applications.
Our Expertise in Node.js
Over the years our Node.JS experts have gathered indispensable first hand knowledge regarding its design and development. From an exceptional UI/UX design to the most powerful backend dashboards, we got you covered.

API Development and Integration

Our tech geeks expand upon their Node.js API development and integration capabilities to construct truly reliable, scalable, fast and better performing apps.

UI/UX Design

We design highly functional, user friendly yet modern and eye appealing user interface to enhance user experience beyond imagination.

Ajax Development

Our developers are well-versed in the Ajax development techniques to improve speed, performance and usability of a web service or application.

Backend Development

GigaLabs builds the finest Node.js backend systems allowing for synchronous running of the application with great flexibility in terms of scalability and design.

Portal Development

We develop the most reliable and scalable portal solutions, whether they be internal, web based or mobile apps.

Real Time Apps

We leverage our knowledgeable insights to build lightweight, fast and heavy traffic handling real time chat apps on Node.js, the best suited technology for this purpose.

Plug-ins Development

We can enhance the functionality and performance of your existing web and mobile apps by effectively introducing and integrating the Node.js plug-ins.


Owing to Node.js’s increasing popularity as an e-commerce framework, we have a fully trained ecommerce development team that specialises specifically in Node.js.

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Node.js Advantages

Extremely Fast

Its Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine built makes it super fast in code execution.

Load Handling

Node.js apps are capable of handling huge amounts of traffic and are also ideal for heavy data websites and apps.


Compared to other similar technology apps Node.js allows for inexpensive testing and hosting.

Lightweight and Simple Modification

Node.JS uses event driven non-blocking I/O modules that make it lightweight and simple and easy to modify.

Better Performance

Its non-blocking I/O operations tend to boost its performance manifold.

Highly Scalable

Being single threaded and employing the non-blocking function, makes its server extremely scalable with ease.

Dedicated Node.js Development Teams
We provide your business with dedicated Node.js dev teams on demand. Our dedicated team services can be used as an extension to your business or as an off site support for your in-house team. Our highly competent engineers accurately and timely deploy your complex apps while providing 24/7 maintenance and support.

Complete Transparency

Using a combination of various communication and project management tools

Immediate Start

We can get into action as soon asyou’re ready to start work

Specialized Experts

We compose teams based on your specific requirements

Available 24/7

Reach out to us anytime through email, whatsapp, phone or skype

Commitment to Deadlines

We ensure that we stick to our commitments and timelines

You own your Intellectual Property

All work is done under standard "Work for Hire" agreements

Fast Development Cycles

We have an amazing in-house library of technical resources which we leverage during development. This saves both time & money.

After Launch Support

Product development is an ongoing process and we ensure that we address any bugs or issues that come up 30 days after we go live.

Timezone Overlaps

We make ourselves available and work according to your time-zone.

Looking to Start a Project?

Tell us your needs and we’ll set you up with the best talent and a proven development process to build your product.