GigaLabs Agile Discovery Workshop
Fastest way to engineer your requirements and take your product from concept to development.

The workshop is a close collaboration between our product strategists, technical and UI/UX experts and our customers.

We elicit and validate requirements through stakeholder interviews, UI design walk-throughs and clickable prototypes. This builds tremendous confidence when going into the development and delivery phase.

We strongly recommend all of our customers to engage with us on a dedicated 2 week workshop to craft out complete requirements for their projects.

Reduce Cost

ADW is the best way to reduce inflated and superficial development costs. Our goal is to arrive at the most critical features that add direct business value and get rid of the fat.

Build an MVP

We have structured this workshop in a way to ensure that we gather and document an in-depth understanding of your product in the shortest time possible.

Rescue Missions

During the workshop, we help you identify problem areas and any technical challenges. The goal is to make sure that any high-risk items are identified and dealt early-on.

Development Prepration

There is no doubt that 90% of software projects often fail in time, cost or scope. Gathering requirements with ADW is our way of addressing this problem and we have been pretty successful with it.

Specialized Experts

We’ve helped launch hundreds of products and our team has been doing this for nearly 15 years. We bring experts to the table and our goal is to make you as educated as possible before making important decisions.

Stakeholders Involvement

All concerned stakeholders of the product are involved in the process from day one. This way businesses get to build a product that does end up getting used.

"The workshop is the FASTEST way to take your product from a concept to ACTUAL development."

What You Get


Requirement Specification Document

A detailed document highlighting all the features of the product that is to be developed.


Technical Evaluation

Identify high-risk technical challenges and deal with them early-on. Propose the best possible technology stack and architecture.


UI/UX Mockups

Our UI/UX experts create working user interface designs that allows everyone to visualize the product and explore varying interaction techniques.


Working Prototype

We create functional prototypes and proof-of-concepts to сlarify, complete, validate, and visualize the end product.


Delivery Plan & Schedule

Detailed project plan outlining the cost & delivery timeline and the team composition.

“Typical organizations take 3-6 MONTHS to carve out requirements. GigaLabs does it in 1 WEEK

ADW is the first step towards building a successful and aweosome product.

Are you Ready?

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