Buck Palmer
Building A Responsive Shopping Store For All Kind Of Devices
Designing and developing an User Friendly Environment For An Extraordinary UX
Most Reliable, Swift And User Appropriate Shopping Store
More SEO Efficient


Buck Palmer is a brand made and worn by the Maverick. Maverick means, a person who thinks and acts independently and differently from others. They are adventurous and liberated-spirits who dance to their own beat and know no boundaries or limitations. Buck Palmer honors and represents those with adventurous spirits and individual style.


It was not less than a challenge for our team to re-build a store that fulfill the needs of the merchant. The older store was not more efficient or reliable and have many technical issues that were hurdles in the business of merchant.


We designed, developed and implemented an extremely efficient online Jewelry store that not only exceeded our client’s expectations, but also gave its competitors a run for their money. We developed a store that is not only responsive but also reliable for all kind of devices.

Twitter Bootstrap


Our efforts and teamwork results to acquire the required output of the merchant.

Responsive and efficient
User friendly
SEO efficient
Easy to operate by merchant