Web and Enterprise Portal Development
We offer exclusive one-stop portal solutions to streamline operations, improve connectivity, optimize costs and give your business an overall competitive advantage, while focusing on providing an enriched user experience to all entities involved.

Web Portals

Flawless and enhanced running of your business is our primary web service development objective. We build real time web solutions that provide the following edge to your business:
  • Improved Sales Generation
  • Multiple Consumer Touchpoints
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost Efficiency
  • High Performance

Enterprise Portals

Our highly customised enterprise level portal development services includes elevated functionality of intranets, extranets, business automation processes, social networks, and information centers, that offer the following benefits:
  • Improved ROI
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Higher Effectiveness
  • Better Collaboration
Covering the Complete Landscape of Portal Features

Data Management

We are well taught in data management skills. Integrating the run of full data processing steps from creation and editing to distribution, storage and reuse, we construct portals that are the one-stop ultimate solution for your organization.

Social Networking

In today’s ever growing social networks and media trends, GigaLabs has equipped itself with in-depth development knowledge of community portals, dating sites, social activity group, audio and video sharing networks, social commerce platforms and much more.

Collaboration and Communication

Our expertise allow for collaboration and communication of data, employees, customers, processes and applications. We offer multiple access points to all, while keeping the efficiency and performance of your systems in check for all possible areas.

Business Process Automation

We build robust, reliable and secure enterprise portals for numerous industry verticals and business processes. Our technical masters are trained to construct wholesome business process systems from scratch or develop and deploy parts of the portal in the existing system.


Ever changing markets and pressing consumer demands have made e-commerce a key characteristic of any business’s success. GigaLabs develops customised, reliable and scalable e-commerce sites, in the most cost effective way possible, for the smooth running of your business.


The portals we design are fully equipped with diverse analytical tools to give you in-depth insights of your global sales, consumers and markets, enabling you to better target and plan your future endeavors.


We are capable of sharing and integrating multiplex data sources and applications for the continuously productive running of your systems and portals. Our effective integration strategies allow for easy dissemination of information and assimilation of 3rd party web services.


Providing 360° portal safeguards is one of our key development objectives. Our exceptional security services entail data encryption, user privileges and access levels, digital signature solutions and much more, all incorporated into your system well within your budget.

We Specialize In the Following Domains


Product catalogues
Shopping carts
Payment and Billing Systems
Inventory Management

Self Service Portals

Self service forums
Data feeds

Social Networks

User Profiles
Activity Streams
Polls and ratings

Media and Entertainment

Audio and Video streaming
Web conferencing
VoIP solutions
Video On Demand

Vertical Portals

Customer Relationship
Human Resource
Supply Chain Management

Corporate Collaboration

Forums and Blogs
Collaboration Spaces

Knowledge Portals

Data Sharing centers
Document Management
Content Management

Partner Networks

Online Training
Go-to Market Support
Technical Assistance

Get your ultimate portal solutions with our extensive portal based expertise.

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