Enterprise Mobility
GigaLabs transforms the way businesses work. We help enterprises unlock productivity by planning, implementing and managing mobility environments.ame budget
GigaLabs aids you in addressing the modern day business challenges by bringing your entire business on mobile, in the most secure, cost-effective and productive way possible. We bring your business in the palm of your hand.
Mobility Breakdown
For operative, productive and developmental purposes, we divide mobility into two main categories

Enterprise Mobility

We build trendsetting enterprise mobile apps that bring your business processes, data streams and information/communication portals to all devices and platforms. Ensuring critical security checks, measures against unauthorised access, data loss and corruption is of paramount importance to us.

Consumer Mobility

Under consumer mobility, we deliver exceedingly portable apps designed specifically to boost sales and augment brand awareness and engagement. It helps you amplify consumer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling interaction and involvement in a personalised environment.

Helping You Go Mobile

Discover how Mobile can help Your Business

We formulate winning mobile strategies to transform your business, cut down on costs and optimise processes with our Agile Discovery Workshops

Build a Prototype

We frame functional prototypes, based on our cumulative ADW requirement analysis, to provide you with profound understanding on how the end product will perform

Mobile UI/UX Design

We custom design your UI/UX to better address the mobility needs of your business, its data processes and its potential users

End to End Mobile App Development

GigaLabs development team is savvy enough to do end to end development, from the ultimate UI and collaboration system to all its backend elements

Mobility Solutions

Field Force Automation

Workforce Productivity

Teamwork and Collaboration

Executive Dashboards

Security is Critical
In addition to accessibility and performance, security is also of paramount importance when taking a business mobile. According to a survey, 68% of companies going mobile experienced a security breach in 2013 alone
GigaLabs works closely with you to provide maximum security measures

Identity Driven Access

To make sure right people have access to your datacenters and the cloud, we enable identity based access and control.

Protect Sensitive Data

To protect critical data and information from falling into wrong hands, we make use of highly confidential tags, multiple access levels, data encryption and detailed tracking and reporting.

Manage Mobile Apps & Devices

We call upon Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to manage security issues on premises and in the cloud for both corporate and personal mobile devices.

Potential Mobility Cases

Here is a short list of industries that have benefited considerably by introducing business mobility.

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