Business Process Automation
Shifting your business from the Robotics ‘Product’ era to the Digital ‘Relationship’ era
Business Automation is the digitization and optimization of all business processes to better serve your business’s and customer’s needs. GigaLabs experienced pool of engineers and analysts, are skilled in conducting in-depth business analysis and developing befitting systems for your business’s digital transformation.
Process Automation Benefits
With GigaLabs designed business process automation, you will be able to accomplish much more than your competitors.

Minimal operational costs as skilled personnel will be available for quality tasks

Highly satisfied customers by eliminating human error

Real time transparency

Streamlined communication and organized collaboration

Enhanced data analysis and progress tracking capabilities

Reduced turnaround time (time saving)

Our Areas of Expertise

Workflow Management

We program Workflow Management systems with cloud technology, robust KPI based reporting and SLA status indicators, for maximum transparency and efficient running of your business. It also includes role based access with quick and easy approval & change management.

Data Flow Management

Our Data Flow Management capabilities enable real time, interactive and integrative sharing and processing of data to data centers, the cloud and the inbetween. We optimise data import/export, searching and reporting to be secure, cost effective and scalable.

Knowledge Management

We build fully customised knowledge bases, for the efficient creation, use, analysis, storage and communication of information, specific to your business needs. E-learning and online trainings are a key feature of GigaLabs developed knowledge management systems.

Case Management

We provide flexible resource management across cases and processes to help drive more successful and optimised outcomes for your business. Our case management systems ensure end to end automation of applications, claims and requests with absolute audibility and compliance.

Project Portfolio Management

GigaLabs Project Portfolio Management system is fundamentally equipped with project analytics & reporting, full visibility in resource capacity, management for multiple projects, project prioritization & alignment, financial management and seamless cross departmental and project integration.

Transform Your Business Today with GigaLabs Process Automation Expertise.

Automating Your Existing Excel Based Processes

We know how cumbersome and tiring it can be to extrapolate data from endless excel spreadsheets. Let’s make it easy for you. GigaLabs leverages its diverse business process automation expertise to automate your existing excel run processes and provide you with much more than mere rudimentary insights.
With Automated Process, You Can:
Automation Solution Categories

Custom Solutions

Not satisfied with off the shelf packaged apps for running your business? You have come to the right place then. We at GigaLabs build fully customised Business Process Automation solutions for your line of business, keeping in view your specific needs and existing business systems.

Professional Products

Our comprehensive understanding of Business Process Management and its leveraging tools enable us to develop standardized yet innovative BPM applications to provide your customers with the ultimate experience.

Process Automation Cycle


Requirement Analysis

Requirements specifications and objectives collection Study existing processes, data and systems Design a blueprint system Technology consultings. However, if you are uncertain or have a vague idea about what you want, then we can get you started in no time with our Agile Discovery Workshop.


Development & Implementation

Complete overhaul of existing system Plugins and addons for system augmentation Step by step new system implementation Bug Testing User manual and training sessions



Vertical Integration, Extensive API Integration, Data Integration, Communication Integration, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Integration


Support and Maintenance

24/7 trained support staff, Multi-level technical support, Bottleneck elimination, Newer platforms and product versions upgradation

Looking to Start a Project?

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